Office Administration Assistant

Fabian Evelyn

About me

On the search for Cobalts newest recruits

Before working at Cobalt I used to recruit people into video game teams. Now I currently work with great people who constantly bring the best out of me. I enjoy learning every day as I start my journey in Talent Acquisition.

I currently locate new recruits for us to offer jobs too in different types of recruitments roles. If you have a name, phone number, email, associate to the principal, then you may make your way onto one of my many lists.

Everyone at Cobalt is so friendly

Being surrounded by friendly people. You don’t usually get to work with so many other people that feel so human so it’s always nice to come to the office and feel welcomed. I have zero office experience before coming here and I don’t feel left out.

Games, Music & a whole lot of editing

In my spare time I love video editing and music. I've been video editing since 2013 and producing music since 2019. If I am not doing either, then you’ll probably find me playing competitive video games for enjoyment. You name it, I probably play it (or at least tried it).

If Cobalt sounds like the company for you, then get in touch today via email.

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