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Jobseekers should act before the winter lull


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Our data shows us year upon year that employers’ recruitment activity dips in November and December across Europe and the number of potential jobs registered starts to drop at the end of November. From December 2012 to January 2013, we saw a 50% rise in traffic to our website. If you are considering a new role for 2014, you will be up against less competition if you act now rather than waiting until January.

Here are 5 recommended steps to take prior to contacting a recruitment consultant:

1. Update your CV

The first crucial step to your job hunt is updating your CV. It may well have been several years since you have updated your cv. Make sure you highlight your skills, latest achievements and who you managed and reported to. If you need some further assistance, feel free to take a look at our CV advice.

2. Know your career goals

One of the first questions a consultant is going to ask you will be surrounding your hopes and aspirations for your next role so make sure you are prepared to answer this question. Think about the type of role and organisation you would like next and why. Those who are crystal clear on their goals are much more likely to convey confidence at interview stage and be attractive to potential employers.

3. Be ready to sell your skills

Once you have refined your CV, be ready to talk through your skills in more detail. You may be asked what professional qualifications you have gained or what types or projects you have worked on in the past. If you are prepared for these questions, you are far more likely to leave a positive impression with the recruiter as someone who would perform well at interviews.

4. Know how much you would be willing to move for

Money may not well be the core motivator for your decision to move but it is good to know the minimum salary or rate you are willing to move for. This will help to ensure your recruiter only sends you roles that are relevant.

5. Target list of companies

Perhaps you have already gone through an interview with a company and not been successful or you have companies that are off limits – if so, give that list to your consultant. The more informed they are the better. The same refers to companies that you would be keen to work for. Your recruiter may well have contacts within that company that we can approach speculatively on your behalf.

Job hunting can be full of uncertainty. But with us, you can be sure that we’ll do everything we can to get you to your ideal job. Send your CV to us to get started or search for the latest job vacancies and we’ll get the ball rolling.