ESG & Sustainability

​Our ESG & Sustainability team is a further specialised addition to our Corporate Services division - and arguably the most important, meeting the growing demands from government, investors and society to reduce the carbon impact that the real estate industry creates.

These ESG & Sustainability-focused positions are specialised, business critical roles which Cobalt is successfully delivering to a range of real estate investors and property services businesses, hiring the right people to improve the environmental impact of the real estate industry.

Our commitment to delivery and service ensures that we are with you before, during and after the recruitment cycle for a role.

The team have a strong track record, successfully recruiting across a number of key ESG & Sustainability-focused roles, including EMEA ESG Leads, Sustainability Directors , ESG VPs , ESG Managers , ESG Analysts , ESG Community Managers , BREEAM consultants and Heads of ESG for organisations across the built environment.

Committed to doing things differently.

The team combine over 20 years' experience in recruitment for key corporate service positions with their passion for reversing the impact of carbon emissions in the real sector.

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