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Recruitment processes get tougher for real estate professionals


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Today the priority for employers is to find the right match both in terms of skill set and cultural fit in order to make the correct hire rather than rush the recruitment process.

Despite real estate recruitment activity being on the up, the interview and assessment processes adopted by real estate companies are not easing up. In reality, employers both large and small are putting potential employees through their paces.

Within the smaller property companies, we have certainly seen the number of interview stages rise and an increase in the adoption of competency based interviews. For larger companies, it is much more common place to expect skills based testing or an assessment centre. In some instances, we see employers inviting prospective employees to a full day of assessment on-site as part of their hiring process.

If you are a real estate professional looking to seek a new career move, it is worth:

1) Preparing for competency interview formats
2) Brushing up on your presentation skills
3) Asking your consultant about the format of any assessment days so you are clear on what to expect on the day
4) Be prepared to be tested – particularly if your role involves modelling skills 
5) Make sure you have researched the company fully and demonstrate this during the interview
6) Ensuring you know the answer to “why do you want to work for the company?”

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