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Do's and don’ts during the resignation process

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Resigning from your job can be a very nerve wracking time. I’m sure we’ve all wanted to march into the boss’s office and tell them exactly what we think of them. Or maybe the time is just right now for you to move on to progress your career with a new company. Either way, you should STOP and THINK. You will probably need your boss as a reference in the future so here are some Do’s and Don’ts to help you on your way when resigning.

Do resign face to face with a letter already written. The letter should be brief, stating that you are tendering your resignation, the day you will be leaving inclusive of your notice period and thanking them for the opportunities they have given you.

Don’t get emotional or hand in your notice when you are feeling angry.

Do offer to help in any way you can before you leave and let them know you are willing to work your notice.

Don’t burn your bridges – you never know when you might need a favour in the future so give constructive criticism rather than focusing on the negative points

Do ask for a reference

Do be aware of the counter offer. Remember your reasons for looking for a new job in the first place. Are circumstances really going to change where you are looking to hand in your notice and will your boss ever trust you again?

And finally

Do feel good. You’ve done the hard part and now you have a great new job to go to!

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