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Will you get a lower salary if you apply for a job through a recruitment agency?


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If you are new to using a recruitment agency, you may be wondering if you would receive a lower salary when using a recruiter. The answer is no.

The reality is that when using the services of a specialist recruiter like Cobalt, you would be liaising with a consultant who will have a better idea of the market rate that you will be able to command.

We speak to construction and property companies every day about their recruitment so we can advise both yourself and the employer on salary benchmarking. In some instances, we manage employer’s expectations surrounding the right salary for a role as they are not paying enough to fill a role.

To offer an assessment of your market rate based purely from your CV is not a wise move. It is best to ask about your market rate once you have had a phone conversation with your recruiter. That way we can assess this based on your technical expertise, education and qualifications, as well as the competition you are up against.

Just to put your mind at rest, you can be sure that recruiters will work with you to be paid the correct market rate and any conversations you have with any of our consultants will remain confidential.

Job hunting can be full of uncertainty. But with us, you can be sure that we’ll do everything we can to get you to your ideal job. Send your CV to us to get started or search for the latest job vacancies and we’ll get the ball rolling.