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What employers want from a Property Analyst

Property Analyst

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At Cobalt we work with a number of property companies that are looking to hire property analysts. If you want to know how to stand out from your competition, take note of the following 7 tips.

1. Work Hard
Don’t be surprised to discover that more often than not, analysts are the first to arrive into the office and the last to leave. Although there is less of a face-time culture within UK businesses than in yesteryear, analysts are expected to complete multiple tasks to tight deadlines. So whether it is completing a pitch book for a client, amending a cash flow model or finalising yet another quarterly fund paper report, don’t expect to be watching The One Show at 7pm in your pyjamas every day. On the bright side, you can be sure to get a seat on your commute home during busy periods.

2. Deliver
If your colleagues ask you to help with something, make sure to say yes and get it done. Whether the request comes from your Manager, the Chief Executive or the in-house postman, make sure not to disappoint. Although often tasks can be long, tedious and thankless, delivering a high standard of work at all times will be noticed quickly. Failing to deliver on tasks will get you a bad reputation in the office, often starting from your team secretary moaning to your line manager in the kitchen. By consistently delivering, you will be known as somebody who can be depended on, which will set you apart from your peers.

3. Become an expert cash flow modeller
A sure fire way to set yourself apart from your property analyst colleagues, is being the best financial modeller in the office. The days where Fund Managers purchased properties based on gut-feel alone are long gone, and underwriting techniques are becoming more and more sophisticated. Whether your firm uses Microsoft Excel or modelling software, make sure you learn to run an appraisal on your own, very quickly, as your bosses won’t have the time to build it with you.

4. Keep on top of the news
Be the Reuters of the office. Keep Estates Gazette and the Financial Times open in your internet browser at all times and keep a record of notable, relevant news stories. Send the most interesting articles to your colleagues, and bring up stories in your colleague and client meetings. Keeping on top of news stories will make you sound impressive and will allow you to make intelligent conversation and build trust from your peers.

5. Network
Take the opportunity to build your network whenever you get the chance. Begin by signing up to dedicated events such as property breakfasts, charity dinners and property sporting events and focus on building your network of property consultants and investment managers. Once you have perfected the art of networking, keep in contact with your contemporaries and arrange occasional coffees, lunches or after work drinks. Through effective networking you are likely to build an ace business card collection and better still, you will likely get a few free meals and have a more extensive social circle! If your networking leads to bringing in a deal yourself, you can expect your wallet to be a bit fuller too.

6. Look enthusiastic
Remember when you interviewed for your position? No doubt you told a very compelling and convincing story about how passionate you are about the property industry and how much energy and enthusiasm you would bring to the role. Make sure you bring this motivation into your day-to-day role. Even though you may spend more time behind the desk than you ever imagined, your team will be much more positive about your performance if you are enthusiastic and energetic. Just as smiles are contagious, enthusiasm is too. Give the impression that you are living the dream and be appreciative at every opportunity, even if you are not. Eventually you will be put on a task which is genuinely exciting, but if you don’t convey any enthusiasm ever, you will always be given the most boring jobs.

7. Show your personality
Nobody wants to sit next to a boring so and so in the office. Take every opportunity to participate in the office banter, but be aware of your environment. Remember you are in one of the most sociable industries - take advantage of it. Build strong relationships with your colleagues and if you work hard and deliver (Points 1&2) you will be in line for an enjoyable career with the firm.

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