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Quit while you’re ahead

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You might grumble about your job from time to time; the rat race can get people down. But how do you really know when it’s time to take the plunge and actively start searching for a new job, as opposed to idly procrastinating about it? We’ve rounded up five signs that you need to start dusting off your CV.

1. Sunday afternoon blues turns into overwhelming dread

Of course it’s normal to occasionally feel some irritation at having to go back to work after a weekend of fun. But, if by Sunday afternoon your mild annoyance has turned into all-consuming dread sweeping over you, it’s probably time to throw the towel into the ring and start looking for something new. Work is a huge part of your life; enduring it, even when you’re not there, isn’t healthy.

2. You don’t feel challenged

Being bored to tears is no way to live your life day in, day out. If there is little in way of organised professional development within your role, or you feel you have nowhere left to progress to, it might be time to start your job search. Being stuck in a rut is not only unfulfilling, it can be depressing.

3. Your boss doesn’t know your name

We all like to feel valued. If the people managing you haven’t committed themselves to enhancing your career, this can have a seriously damaging effect on your working life. So if after, say, five years your boss is still barking a name at you bearing no resemblance to yours, then perhaps think about a resignation letter.

4. Your pay cheque has stagnated

Feeling appropriately rewarded for your work is an important part of work morale. Harbouring bitterness towards your bosses who maybe seem to be the only ones reaping the financial rewards of success can encourage rage to boil within you. And as prices inflate around you, you always want to feel that your salary is commensurate with your skills. So if you’re being reasonable, but your requests are repeatedly falling on deaf ears, maybe see where else your services will really be valued.

5. You hate your colleagues
If “a man is known by the company he keeps” then you want to make sure you keep the right company. If you find that, despite your most valiant efforts, your colleagues continually grate on your nerves then perhaps the company just isn’t a cultural fit for you.

When we spend so much of our lives at work, we all deserve to feel satisfied, safe in the knowledge that we are reaching our full potential. So whatever it is that is causing you unhappiness, the first step towards rectifying this is by taking control and starting your job search.

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