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Euro 2016: not getting picked for the squad could be the making of you

2016 Euros

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June 11 sees England’s 23-man squad take on Russia in their first match of Euro 2016. Manager Roy Hodgson delayed naming his line-up twice, leaving it right up to the wire and announcing it on the May 31 UEFA deadline. He clearly struggled with his decisions. And as Marcus Rashford, Gary Cahill and Jamie Vardy all warm-up for the tournament’s kick-off, others will be licking their wounds at having not been selected.

If you’ve faced rejection in your working life you’ll understand just how crushing this can be. But not getting picked for the squad; not getting your dream job that you’ve interviewed for or not securing that promotion you’ve longed for, could in fact be the making of you. Here are some things to remember and help you cope with missing out.

Danny Drinkwater, Andros Townsend, Fabian Delph. All first class footballers. All omitted from Hodgson’s 2016 squad. Sometimes you are simply not right for the job, regardless of how exceptionally skilled you might be. Your recruitment consultant will of course have prepped you fully prior to an interview and ensured your suitability for a role. But in the end, not everyone who interviews for a role can be selected.

Not getting a job can be crushing. But thinking that this could in fact all be for the best and that you may be the better for it in the long-term are all ways to approach defeat, even after a great interview. There could be a multitude of reasons you don’t get a job or that you’re just not ready for that promotion. Your recruitment consultant will of course talk you through all of the client’s feedback, which you should take on board and action accordingly. But positive thinking is sure to help in your recovery process as you pick yourself up and look to the future. Rest assured, there will always be something more suitable for you just around the corner.

If reflecting on your rejection, why not take this time to assess your current role and focus on discovering any new and inspiring challenges that you can focus on for the time being? You could explore professional development opportunities to make your CV shine even brighter, to help you ace that interview in the future. Or why not try expanding your professional network via LinkedIn, or look for industry networking opportunities via Meetup? Becoming a familiar face to recruiters will stand you in even greater stead in the future as more roles open up.

You could also join an industry-specific professional body for further learning opportunities and best practice sharing, sure to stimulate your interests and enhance your skills. If you are seen to be an active employee seeking to enhance and enrich your working life, again this will only be beneficial in the future. You could also try joining a recreational work-based activity, such as a five-a-side league, which will be beneficial for your mind-set and is an excellent networking tool to boot. Not getting picked can be devastating. But remember, there’s always next season to look forward to.

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