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House Proud? Eight bizarre interior design choices

Fish Tank bed

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People say that your home is a reflection of your personality. Here at Cobalt, particularly in our Architecture, Design and Residential teams, we love snooping around other people’s houses, analysing some of the choices they’ve made. A lot of people have imaginative, big ideas when it comes to decorating their homes. Having the confidence to see it through is another matter.

Here’s our rundown of some of the more ‘unique’ interior design choices we’ve ever seen.

1. Fit for a Princess

Most people have family photos or pictures adorning the walls of their houses. Yet this homeowner has taken their evidently keen interest in the late Princess Diana to the extreme, with a life-sized cardboard cut-out of the princess overseeing the rest of the memorabilia. Awkward if Camilla ever pops round. 

2. Welcome to the Muggle-Wumps

Ever read The Twits? In Roald Dahl’s classic story the Muggle-Wumps stick all of the Twits’ furniture to the ceiling of their house. Yet here it’s not fiction, and this family have decided to do just that in a child’s bedroom. We’re not sure how sleeping would work. 

3. Star Wars and Storm Troopers

In light of this, it seems that children’s rooms provide something of a blank canvas for the imagination. But letting your child loose on that blank canvas could throw up some troubling results, unless of course you want to build them a Star Wars-themed hideout. At least this could be one way to get them to go to bed...

4. Outside-In

Bringing the outside in has been a big part of interior design over the past decade, with people opening up the backs of their homes to allow for as much garden time as possible. Yet this green-fingered homeowner decided to go one step further and lay grass inside their house, complete with grassy knolls. 

5. Modern Ruins

Having bold ideas about the design of a room can provide pleasing results. Yet here we think the white cube, hieroglyphic, or perhaps Wingdings font –inspired room is going a bit far. 

6. Bringing the Pages to Life

And next it seems that some people would prefer to print off their belongings, as opposed to buying them in the conventional way. This 3D ‘comic house’ once again takes having an interest in something to the extreme. We don’t think this is particularly practical; that ladder for a start.

7. Sleeping with the Fishes

We like fish tanks as much as the next person, but this example of fish tank engineering is a bridge too far. This underwater-themed headboard could inspire some psychedelic nightmares we think.

8. Tartan tones and tweed overload

And finally, a simple lesson in how not to decorate, even if you like things matching. This room looks more like one giant chameleon has taken it over, morphing everything into the same yellowy tartan. Not a great look.

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