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20 bizarre scenarios experienced by UK Block Managers

Block managers

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We recently surveyed UK block managers and asked them for their most bizarre scenario they experienced whilst at work. One thing is certain, a career in block management is a mix of challenging and the colourful. Here are some of the responses we got.

“Where to start!! Residents trying to make you sniff walls to tell them what type of damp they have!”

“One of the porters asking to take me on a date!”

“Trying to convince a resident that having two birds of prey in their flat is not a good idea.”

“Having to tell a couple to close their curtains at night because the neighbours could see them having sex in their living room!”

“Whilst on a visit being asked to empty a urine bag by an elderly lady in distress which of course I did!”

“Inadvertently walking into a basement flat brothel”

“A parrot asking for more than a cracker!”

“A snake loose in a student accommodation corridor.”

“A Maserati owner insisting that we investigate which cat scratched his car aerial.”

“Having to attend to a blocked stack pipe with my client. Between the pair of us, we struggled to find the origin of the blockage. Once the contractor attended site to investigate further, the blockage was removed which resulted in what can only be described as a river of faeces plummet towards us. Our only option was to run to the exit for safety whilst the sound of waste hit the car park door.”

“A man with a dog in a lift cleaning up poo. He then said it wasn't his dog's poo but he was cleaning up someone else's dog's poo.”

“A guest sleep walking and talking in the corridors.”

“Disgruntled resident taking a chainsaw to a number of hedges.”

“Porn being filmed in communal hallway.”

“A freeholder that didn't know they owned garages on their land!”

“A woman asking why the concierge would not take her order for food. He is a porter!”

“Being in the city centre we have a lot of homeless people, they had broken into the bin store overnight and set up a camp site inside. Obviously the residents were quite shocked when taking out their bins in the morning.”

“A resident covering their smoke detectors with tin foil to block signals from aliens in space!”

“A leaseholder throwing eggs from his 4th floor luxury flat at vehicles on the road below.”

“A leaseholder getting locked out completely naked.”

“A resident try to save pigeons when a hawk security system was installed.”

UK block managers. We salute you! Thank you to everyone who took part in our poll.

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