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Help! Interim vs Permanent roles

Interim vs Permanent

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Here at Cobalt, we’ve seen a considerable increase in professionals and organisations inquiring about interim careers. Interim and temporary placements can be incredibly rewarding, not to mention a great opportunity to step up the career ladder. Equally, interim roles allow professionals to develop a highly-specialised skillset. If you’re considering your next career move, perhaps an interim project-based role could be for you. Our short guide below might help you decide:

A new angle

Interim assignments enable you to dive into unchartered territory, something that can be hugely rewarding with regards to career development. Your core skills will be valued by firms who need specialists to fill gaps on a short-term basis. Interim work allows you to have more control over your work life balance and not be locked down to a permanent contract. Every interim project you work on is a chance to broaden your horizons and better understand what drives you (and your career).


The days of a ‘job for life’, for most, are over. Modern professionals are increasingly looking to remain flexible in terms of a career. This could be for a range of reasons: lifestyle, travel, starting a family, relocation. Equally, today’s business landscape is similarly in search of flexibility. Businesses want to be agile, responsive and modular. Interim work offers a solution for all sides. Professionals should explore their interim options if they’re wanting the enjoyment of a rewarding role without any long-term ties.

Making a difference

When a company is a hiring on an interim basis, they need professionals with a unique set of talents. Employers often need interims to get complex work done efficiently. If you want to add value to a project from the off and see the results of your work, an interim role could be for you. You’ll be able to make an impact from the get-go and be seen as a valuable asset.

Enjoy project work

Even when interim work doesn’t lead to a permanent job, it gives you invaluable experience as well as new skills. The reason why is simple: you get the chance to work on a variety of projects. You may even have the opportunity to take a leading role on a project and put your own stamp on proceedings. For professionals looking to really immerse themselves into interesting projects, interim work could be worth researching.

Maximise your earnings

As an interim, you get full access to the cash value of the work you do. This gives you more freedom to use the money and invest however you wish. Interim assignments pay well and salaries can even be higher than permanent roles. Clients are paying for the immediate value an individual is bringing to the company, so interims get paid only for days worked.

We understand that an interim career isn’t for everyone. But, interim roles are a great option for professionals who want to work on new projects and have more variety in their work.

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