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Four simple hacks to boost workplace productivity


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There are many ways in which it is possible to increase the output of a workplace. In attempting to do so, it’s important to realise that engaged employees are more productive; if you increase the engagement of your employees, your efficiency will rise too. Here are four simple hacks to boost your workplace’s productivity…

Changing the way you recruit by increasing the emphasis on cultural fit during the application and interview process will lead to an increase in productivity. If an employee enjoys the culture and environment in which they work, they will perform better than they would in an environment they do not appreciate.

The benefits of recruiting in this way do not stop here. Not only will the new employee be more productive but also it will create a distinctive culture in that workplace, energising the other employees and boosting their productivity too. Companies like Google are known for their workplace culture and how much people enjoy working there. It is no accident that companies like this have become so large.

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Culture, however, is not everything; people need to be capable of carrying out their specific role. When the workplace training is increased, so is the productivity. This principle applies equally to both new and existing staff.

Workplace training can also aid how your employees mould into the culture. With regular training in place, you do not need to be so selective based on skills – you have the ability to train them. This will allow you to increase the emphasis you place on cultural fit when hiring, providing your productivity with a double boost.

Training allows employees to carry out tasks they were not previously able to do, evolving their role to avoid monotony and keeping them motivated.

When striving to increase the productivity of your employees, it would be natural to try to manage their time so that you can get the most out of them. Somewhat counter intuitively, the inverse is true - if you give your employees more autonomy, they will become more productive.

Workplace productivity

Many companies want to hire people with initiative but, when the employees arrive, their days are managed by the minute. They are not afforded the chance to show the qualities the company desired and selected them for.

Employees who are trusted with their own time will be more productive, freeing up the manager’s time so that they can focus on the business’s strategy going forward. Clear communication about the future of the workplace will increase productivity. It is suggested that up to 80% of workplace communication is focused on the past, mainly concerning past errors, with only 5% on the future.

If an employee knows the future trajectory of the business and their role in taking it there, they will be more focused as they understand the strategy behind. Suddenly, to them, their tasks become less meaningless and become more purposeful, engaging them with the business’s future.

Having the ability to communicate effectively will reduce the tensions and conflicts in the workplace as people will be able to understand the views of others. In turn, this will free up more time for people to focus on the future of the business.

Just changing these four simple things, can hugely increase the productivity of any workplace. Boosting productivity is something that will not only benefit the benefit the business itself but also the people who work there because, as a result, a superior work environment will be created.

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