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On the rise: Why more and more people are focusing on interim work as a career

Interim Employment

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The world of work has become fluid and fast-paced. Gone are the days when the so-called ‘job for life’ was something to strive for. The modern employee wants more control over their working life. We’re in the age of entrepreneurship and independent-minded employees.

The gig economy

The gig economy is gaining considerable momentum. In the gig economy, instead of regular wages, professionals get paid for the short-term “gigs” they do. Thanks to the internet, today’s workers can now work on a commissioned basis, as opposed to permanent employment. There is a growing desire to shift away from traditional full-time roles. Due to the rise of freelancers, the marketplace has become more open to temporary and interim roles. Other generations favoured working for a single organisation in a long-term role whereas the modern worker, particularly millennials, prioritise new experiences and gaining fresh skills. Research has shown that the gig economy, otherwise known as the ‘connected work market’, could be worth £43 billion globally by 2020.

The changing needs of today’s workers and the rise of technology are driving the gig economy and creating a pool of flexible, highly skilled workers that companies can tap into when they need specific expertise for important projects. In a time of uncertainty, interim professionals can be a perfect solution.

Freedom and flexibility

Employing interim professionals is an excellent way to fill gaps when a staff member has taken a leave of absence. Flexibility is one of the main draws for people who are choosing to work on an interim or contract basis.

The lack of a permanent contract gives an individual a much greater degree of freedom and flexibility. With flexibility comes a better work/life balance, which can mean a happier, more productive employee. Nicki Lawrence, Associate Director of Russam GMS, an interim management provider has said interim work “allows experienced people to be flexible in their work/life choices.”

Interim work can build new skills

As an interim professional, you can get a breadth of experience and build more skills that can make you more attractive to employers. You get the chance to explore other industries and gain insight into different company cultures, operations and structures. Working with different companies means you can build up a wide-ranging CV and maintain and develop all your business contacts. It allows interim professionals to develop sought-after skills that can allow them to progress further in their careers more quickly. Since companies hire interim professionals for specific projects, you will be able to show demonstratable evidence of the value you have brought to organisations. Interim work also helps you improve your adaptability skills as you’ll be constantly dealing with new situations.

The swift movement between jobs could be the new standard for employees. Many people are changing jobs more often than they did in the past and working as an interim is now a popular choice. More companies are turning to interim professionals to become more agile and professionals are responding to this demand. In the gig economy, on-demand work is everything. There is a massive shift towards flexibility – a shift that will no doubt continue to rise.

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