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5 creative ways to snag your dream job

Dream job

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There is a big difference between a job that pays the bills and dream career. With so much competition, landing your ideal job can feel like an immeasurable challenge. How do you stand out from the crowd when there are hundreds of candidates just as qualified as you? You have to go the extra mile and be more creative with your applications. Here are some ideas that can help you get the job of your dreams.

Show you’re a fan

It’s easy to forget that employers are looking for people who are passionate about the role and the company at large. When you are job searching, think about the brands and companies you really love and would like to work for. If you already have a true enthusiasm for an organisation, demonstrate this in your application. While experience and accomplishments are important, the reason why a candidate persevered to get it in the first place is paramount. Givile Mockute, Adecco Group CFO has said, “Passionate people are often more motivated, innovative and less stressed, which is a great selling point in today’s job market.”

Make a video

Rather than sending in the normal cover letter and email, why not create a video application? Many companies nowadays are including a video submission as a part of their application process. In roles like architecture and design, a video can be an excellent way to show your creativity. Shooting a video requires a bit more effort than simply writing a cover letter, so it signals to employers that you’re dedicated and ambitious. When creating a video submission, the trick is to keep it simple. Plan before you film and make sure your video is clear and audible.

Create a unique CV

It’s worth taking a risk and creating an attention-grabbing CV. You have no idea what candidates you’re up against and what tricks they might have up their sleeve, so it’s important you demonstrate your talent from the start. To really stand out, try to move away from the ‘traditional’ layouts and come up with an eye-catching design. There are free resume sites that will help you design a creative CV. Remember, the creative choices you make should always serve a purpose. You should think carefully about your industry and ensure your CV matches the roles you’re applying for.

Build a winning portfolio

You may have a great CV and cover letter, but do you have samples of your work at the ready? Creating a killer portfolio is a great way to set yourself apart from other candidates. If you’re applying for an architecture or design role, a professional portfolio is essential. It showcases your work and demonstrates your abilities to employers. With an online portfolio, there’s a good chance someone in your field may stumble upon it. This means it’s more likely you could be contacted for an interview. Building a portfolio is one of the best ways to show your determination to succeed, and it enables you to create an evergreen history of your work.

Connect and reach out

If you’re serious about a specific job, then it’s time to start connecting with the people in your desired field. Find relevant people to contact and draw up a list. You don’t have to outright stalk people online but connecting with key individuals through social media and email can create opportunities. You could even pitch an idea to someone you have contacted. Networking can always open doors when you least expect it.

Landing your dream career requires dedication, total commitment, and maybe even a few late-nights. You must keep honing your skills and do everything you can to impress recruiters. In today’s highly competitive job market, the old rules don’t apply. You have to be bold, resilient and unconventional. Keep striving for perfection and with any luck, you’ll land that dream job.

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