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The evolution of the Portfolio Manager role

Portfolio manager

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​In the past, the importance of the asset manager and portfolio manager roles were somewhat overlooked. With property and fund management companies capitalising on yield shifts, attempting to increase capital value by employing value-add was not as fundamental as it is today.

In contrast, post-downturn and within real estate today, the main driver is to sweat assets from every angle. The portfolio/asset manager role has therefore emerged as an integral part of any organisation with assets under management.

Financial knowledge is key to portfolio management

More recently, we are seeing a demand from clients to source the highest calibre, commercially astute asset managers and portfolio managers, and those with a strong understanding of finance will stand out from the competition. There are key reasons for this, namely:

  • Markets are much more volatile than they once were and the portfolio manager must have a detailed understanding of the financial climate in order to be able to manage the assets effectively.

  • The demands on the role of the portfolio manager have become much more wide-ranging. No longer simply a general manager of assets, they are increasingly required to provide forecasting, financial and development advice to clients. They also assist in securing third party financing and preparing asset level business plans and cash flow projections.

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