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How to make the best of your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn profile

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To make the most out of your profile you need to understand that it is a hybrid between a social page and an online CV. We’ll walk you through some tips that make the best out of these two functions.

Post on your LinkedIn
Your LinkedIn profile is the professional equivalent of your social media page; if you want people to know what you’re doing; you must post. Having regular statuses lets colleagues, peers and businesses know that your career is of personal importance.

You can reject connection requests
Unless they’re relevant to your career, reject them. It’s that simple. (Sorry old school friends!)

Look at who’s viewing your profile
Not only will this enable you to see the individuals that have viewed your profile but will also give you a breakdown of their industries, locations and titles. This will be a reflection of how your profile is working and give you the chance to adjust accordingly.

Post your work
Use the ‘write an article’ feature to publish pieces that are relevant to your career. This is a great (and free) way of establishing a level of authority within your field. Try to write articles that showcase your specialist skills.

Create internet authority
Internet authority makes you rank higher in searches, this is achieved in two ways: from having links on your profile and by using key search terms. Besides adding all the usual links within the contact info section, add links to your portfolio, recent works, relevant blogs in the experience section. Also, add key terms that relate to your career, across your headline, summary and experience sections.

At its heart LinkedIn is a networking site, a great way of networking is to join a professional group. Be select about which ones you choose and then make sure to participate by starting discussions and asking questions. This is a great way to show employers that you’re playing a part in the professional community.

Get recommendations
Yes, references can be deceptive, but they still look good on your profile. Anyone that comes across a profile with references will be reassured of your abilities. Make sure that you ask your colleagues, and clients as well as your boss to support you.

Use LinkedIn for information
LinkedIn is an incredible tool for keeping yourself up to date with the latest developments in your sector, and your favourite companies. You can use it to prepare for an important meeting or interview and to be informative within the workplace.

Optimising the way that you use LinkedIn isn’t massively complicated. It does take dedication and time, but you shouldn’t see it as being any different than using your social media pages. If your career is important to you, then LinkedIn you should become your new favourite online pastime. Remember, LinkedIn is one of the most effective ways to develop your career in the modern workplace, but only if you use it right.

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