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The hottest property spots in London right now

London skyline

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London is often described as the global preeminent city. Over the last 30 years, continuous growth and investment have seen its urban landscape transform. As the population of the city continues to increase, so do the extent of its boundaries and capabilities. Essentially, London is one of the most sought after places for residential property investors in the world, but where are they investing? Here’s our lowdown of the hottest property spots right now.

London skyline

This area of North London has slipped under the radar of most investors – until now. Hornsey is starting to grab the attention of young professionals and first-time buyers for its fantastic commuter links, affordability and period buildings. Connecting the desirable areas of Crouch End and Muswell Hill, Hornsey is a place very much on the rise. These kinds of credentials mean that billions of pounds of investment are already staked in the area, with perhaps more to come.

Scoop yourself up a residential bargain, whilst you still can.

Just a couple miles south of the London Stadium project lies Bromley-by-Bow. Hundreds of millions of pounds have already been invested in this area to turn its former-industrial plots into residential property. A ten-year plan has also been put in place to rejuvenate much of the area by the River Lea into waterfront homes.

With the early stages of these transformation projects underway, now is a good time to strike while the iron’s hot and invest in Bromley-by-Bow.

Bethnal Green
Bethnal Green is very much at the heart of East London’s on-going rejuvenation. A number of major development plans and localised conversions are set to hit this area in the next coming years alongside the Victoria Park improvements which were approved by the council last year. With great amenities, fantastic pubs, cafes and clubs, as well as the City of London on your doorstep, it’s easy to see Bethnal Green’s appeal.

There are fantastic period houses and expansive old industrial brownfield sites up for grabs here – as long as you’re quick.

Canada Water
Compared to the huge advancement of neighbouring Canary Wharf, Canada Water is massively underdeveloped. This former dockland appears to have been forgotten. However, developers have begun to take notice of its potential. This is unsurprising considering its Zone 2 location and excellent travel links into the city.

Keep an eye on this area and you’ll see that it’s definitely an up-and-coming area worth investing in.

People that are newer to London probably won’t have heard this area of South-East London, but they soon will. Around a mile from picturesque Greenwich, this area is ready to make a name for itself. Around 5,000 new homes, as well as plenty of shops, restaurants and a ‘creative quarter’,  are already in the pipeline for the area.

Take note, because Charlton is officially a property hotspot.

Sat beside the waterways that lead westward out of the city lies Brentford. This area is already getting a multibillion-pound rejuvenation. A new retail area is underway with restaurants, cultural spots and shops all on the to-do list. There are also thousands of homes being built along the water which runs through it.

Brentford is the newest member to the thriving suburban West London scene of Kew, Ealing and Gunnersbury.

One thing you can be sure of when it comes to London is that it will continue to grow. The foreign and domestic investment into the city is one of the largest of anywhere in Europe, if not the world. Property bought here is likely to get increasingly expensive, but if you pick the right areas at the right time, you could be making a fantastic long-term investment.

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