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What employers want from a residential property manager

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Being a property manager is hard work. The various responsibilities of the role require a broad skill set, as well as the willingness to work unpredictable hours. Yet with an increase of people renting over buying, many agents are making the move to property management for a more stable paycheck. Feel like you’ve got what it takes? Here’s what employers look for in a candidate.

Stay updated on best practices
Being up to date and in the know is a must for prospective candidates. Showcasing your understanding of the current (and future) residential property market is key, especially in an interview setting. There's no time for resting on previous experiences or outdated practices, especially in today's competitive recruitment landscape.

Efficiency is important in every job, but even more so in property management. That means being on top of your time management and prioritisation. Remember, you’ll be heading a team made of a number of different people (from maintenance workers to outside contractors) that’ll be taking on multiple jobs at once. That means you have to manage your own time effectively and also keep on top of other people’s time management too. A large part of this is making sure that you prioritise your tasks and make sure everyone knows the order to do things in. Managing a property effectively means making sure that your whole team runs to a time schedule that you set out.

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