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Six Top Tips for Virtual Onboarding

Virtual onboarding

Article posted by Clare Martin

​Virtual onboarding is a great solution to limitations we currently face with meetings in person, but they do need to be approached with greater detail and planning to make sure you get it right.  Here are Cobalt’s six top tips.

1. Clear goals and expectations:

This starts with the quality of the recruitment experience, which creates lasting first impressions, expectations and relationships.  Our role is to work with our clients to achieve clear role definition, authentic representation, good communication and decisiveness throughout the process, which are all critical factors in forming positive relationships during this stage. We’re also helping our clients to utilise virtual communications and online tools to smoothly run interviews and successful selection processes, without the luxury of face to face meetings.

Prior to starting, in addition to a well-defined role and responsibilities, it’s important to prepare clear goals, performance measures and expectations for the individual for the next 3-6 months. Aim to communicate these on day one and set up a plan for reviewing and developing these as you learn more about each other and work together to adapt to the opportunities and challenges that present themselves over time.

2. Virtual Onboarding checklist

Without an agreed company or team level onboarding checklist or process, re-inventing the wheel with each new starter leads to inconsistent, inefficient onboarding experiences.

It is important to be clear on the scope of onboarding and define a period of time beyond day one for getting your new starter up and running to full capacity and capability.  Download Your Guide to Virtual Onboarding which includes a checklist for you to use and develop.

3. Access to virtual communication channels and events

Access to the right tech from day 1 should be covered in the onboarding checklist, along with invitations to the relevant company or team events or meetings and training on how to use these. At Cobalt, Microsoft Teams and Zoom are tools we use regularly to keep in touch and to support regular phone and email communications.

Think about how you present your brand and remember your brand is the sum of every interaction your colleagues and customers have as individuals, on your website, intranet, training materials, tools and all communications.

4. Create a Buddy-Mentor system

This is another initiative we have introduced at Cobalt and it has proven to be incredibly effective. Give the new employee a peer who can do some of the less business-critical introductions and set the right cultural tone whilst being a sounding board for questions that inevitably arise during the first months of employment. This is a brilliant way of creating broader connections and relationships across the business.

5. Regular/frequent check-ins

Make time for regular check-ins and conversations. Work this out together so you come to a style and frequency of communication that suits you and your new starter.

6. And finally… trust your new employee.

Download Your Guide to Virtual Onboarding, which includes a checklist for you to use and develop.

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