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Join us for the Building Manager’s Virtual Coffee Break on 2nd July

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Article posted by Chris Sycamore on Mar 16, 2021

​Are you a building manager wanting to keep up-to-speed on hot topics like the biggest issues Facilities Managers are facing in 2021, and share your experiences as a building manager in this ever-changing environment?

FM in a Post Pandemic World

Every day I’m speaking to building managers who are telling me about their biggest challenges, unanswered questions and predictions on what’s to come in a post-pandemic world.

After working directly with building managers and facilities managers for nearly 7 years, I wanted to bring as many of my network together as possible. You can share your experiences and insights at my building managers virtual coffee break.

Date: 02/07/21

Time: 11:00-12:00

Facilities Management Problems and Solutions

These are some of the topics we’ll be discussing in these biweekly coffee breaks:

  • Re-occupancy of buildings.

  • Improving recognition of FM/BM.

  • The future of the office when Coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

  • What does good customer service mean in BM these days?

  • How is the building manager job changing?

  • What’s the biggest challenge facing FM right now?

Hosted by Chris Sycamore

These online sessions are for building managers to connect with like-minded facilities management professionals, discuss any challenges and opportunities you're noticing, and to share ideas and solutions.

To find out more or to book your spot then please email me.

Are there any other areas of building management that you would value talking about? Please get in touch and let me know.