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​New Year, New Start, New Job, New Starter…

Anna Blo Photo Nov 2021

Article posted by Anna Boiling

​New Year, New job…it’s a well-known cliché isn’t it. But the reality is that the new year is a common time for many people to reassess their careers and for companies to start hiring for the year ahead. But in reality, it can take a while to find that perfect job or next hire for your team. Plus, add notice periods into the mix and before you know it, you can already be into Q2!

The real estate market can be incredibly competitive when it comes to finding talent and that ideal next role. So what’s our advice? Get a head start on your competition and start looking for that new job or next hire now – we’ve only 2 months of the year left, but starting your search now could just give you the edge.

Advice for jobseekers

If you’re thinking about changing jobs in 2022, now is the perfect time to update your CV and start your job search process. Most people will sit tight and begin looking for a new job in the new year, but you can give yourself an advantage and snap up that ideal role in advance, meaning you’re already in place to start making an impact for your new employer and smashing those 2022 goals.

Q4 is also our busiest time of year, with the majority of our clients already hiring for 2022. With so many roles out there, there is no better time to secure a new role that will elevate your career.

You should also consider using a recruitment industry specialist like Cobalt – we will take the stress out of your job search with our professional, communicative, and confidential approach. We have the best contacts within the real estate market and can support individuals with their job search from APC right through to Director and Head of Team level.

Advice for employers

What better way to start the new year, than with fresh energy and valuable experience within your team for a successful 2022? 90% of our clients are already either actively recruiting or enquiring about recruitment. This is so that new starters can join ready for the social festive period (great for bonding with their new colleagues), or for those hires who are on 2-3 months’ notice, they will be ready to start in the new year. But there is not much time left – scarily the countdown is now on to the end of the year with only 7 weeks to go until Christmas. Those hiring now will have a head start on their competitors and first choice of candidates already on the hunt for a new job.

We are working in a very busy market right now, with a real backlog of recruitment activity post-lockdowns. With so many firms hiring, the war for talent is real, so now it is even more important to think about using a specialist recruitment consultancy for retained or exclusive searches. We can help you to create a time efficient recruitment process to ensure everything runs smoothly. We also have a strong and established network of high-quality candidates which we can leverage to find you that perfect hire.

Don’t sit around and wait until the new year to start that job search or hiring process. Get a head start and put yourself in the best position to hit the ground running in 2022.

Please get in touch via email to discuss your hiring or job search plans for the rest of this year and 2022 – we’d love to help.

Article written by Anna Boiling, Executive Consultant - Real Estate.