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Key information documents.

​Thanks for registering with Cobalt PS to assist with your job search. You’ll have been directed to this page on our website if you are exploring Interim opportunities through us. ie working on an hourly or day rate for a set period of time.

Under the “Good Work Plan” we’re required to provide you with information about the different ways we can engage you in an Interim role, so you can assess which is most suitable for you. If you have any queries about working as an Interim, please ask your consultant. We can advise on the differences between each method but please note we are not qualified to provide personal financial advice.

We are providing general Key Information Documents based on a pay rate of £100 per day for Umbrella and PSCs and £77.97 for PAYE as this provides a like-for-like comparison allowing for Cobalt PS paying the employer’s National Insurance on the PAYE method. This is just an example pay rate and may not be the rate you offered for any role through Cobalt PS. The Tax and NI rates shown in the worked examples are based on a standard Tax code and NI class; what you will actually pay depends on your own personal circumstances.

Once an assignment is confirmed with you, we or the Umbrella company (if you select that method) will provide you with a specific Key Information Document for the pay method you have selected at the agreed pay rate.

Engaged on a PAYE Basis

  • Key Information Document - PAYE |Download

Engaged on PAYE Umbrella Basis

These are the Umbrella Companies Cobalt PS currently engages with. Our PSL is based on the list of approved APSCo Umbrellas which can be found here. In some cases, our clients may have a different PSL which you will be advised of during the process. If you wish to work with an Umbrella not listed below but on the APSCo list, please let your consultant know and we will provide you with the relevant KID.

  • Key Information Document - Churchill Knight |Download

  • Key Information Document - Focused |Download

  • Key Information Document - Parasol |Download

  • Key Information Document - Paystream |Download

  • Key Information Document - Umbrella |Download

Engaged on a PSC (your own Limited Company)
NB: This is only an option if the assignment is outside IR35.

  • Key Information Document - PSC |Download