Commercial Portfolio/Asset Management.

Asset Managers are essential to many real estate related businesses such as property companies, funds and family offices and Cobalt has been successful in the past in placing top professionals into these types of companies.

Asset Managers need to have a broad range of skills including the ability to understand income streams and financial models so that their decisions can be informed by this data. They also have excellent presentation skills to distill their role into a presentable manner, so it can be presented clearly to others who many not have share in their detailed background knowledge. Holding a MCIRS qualification is preferred for asset manager roles as it is becoming increasingly recognised not just in the UK but worldwide as the standard for employers in the real estate sector looking to take on new asset managers.

Previous experience of being involved in real estate in a role relating to asset management is essential. It does not matter if this experience is from a consultancy or client-side role, but it is extremely rare that those with no previous experience will be able to step straight into asset management. Most people come to asset management by having an asset-based responsibility while working in a more general property management role and then moving towards further specialisation in asset management.

Workouts, Restructuring & Distressed Investments

Difficult times result in challenges for some and opportunities for others. As the COVID situation evolves from crisis-management into recovery, there will naturally be demand for those with the particular skills and expertise required to work through the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities within our sector. Cobalt is uniquely positioned to find the people most able to do both, be it on an interim or permanent basis.

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