Commercial Professional Services.

Professional Services encompasses the disciplines of Valuation, Landlord & Tenant and Ratings and is a key focus for a wide variety of Cobalt’s clients, particularly for Consultancy and Public Sector businesses. These roles are extremely resilient in tough market conditions, but even more importantly they can provide a candidate with an extremely useful technical and strategic understanding of property which can prove invaluable in their career progression.

Working within Valuation requires a candidate to produced detailed reports appraising property value, to then subsequently advise clients on how these values can be improved or costs can be reduced. Investigating how market conditions can affect property value, as well as having the financial skills to properly assess property performance, is a hugely desirable skill-set for the companies Cobalt advise and hence a career in Valuation can be extremely rewarding.

Landlord & Tenant roles also require a technical understanding, particularly of contract law, which is then married with the ability to negotiate directly with both Landlords and Tenants in order to secure the best rental agreements possible. These positions enable a Surveyor to use their technical and legal understandings in a “front-facing” job where they can frequently visit sites and use their people-skills and diplomacy in a variety of situations.

Ratings require the candidate to have an astute understanding of property taxation and business rates across the property industry, for corporations (occupiers) and Landlords. This job in a sense combines the above two insofar as the candidate will need to have a firm understanding of both property value and contract law. With COVID 19 forcing Rates changes across the market (particularly in high-street retail), we are predicting a marked increase in these positions in line with the demand.

If you are interested in exploring a career or next step within any of the above disciplines; you can enjoy remarkable career progression in a technically engaging area with the added benefit of these roles being highly resilient to market fluctuations and recessions. Please get in touch to have a more confidential chat with a member of our team.