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The Towers that Trump Built

Trump Tower

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Long before Mexican walls, 3am Tweets or any hidden microphones, Donald Trump was known for other things. And not just the Miss Universe contest. Donald Trump’s portfolio of properties boast some of the most desirable addresses in the world. And there’s no denying that from Manhattan to Las Vegas, Dubai to Mumbai, Trump and his collection of gleaming towers have made a shining impact, whatever you may think of the businessman’s views. So here we look at just some of the real estate in the tycoon’s portfolio.

Trump Tower

The most iconic of the Donald’s achievements, New York City’s Trump Tower opened in 1983 and still serves as the nerve centre for the Trump dynasty’s business operations. Proudly standing on Fifth Avenue, the 58 storey reinforced concrete tower also serves as Donald Trump’s residence - the man himself occupies the top three floors in an ornately decorated, gold-heavy penthouse. And as we’ll see, gold is something of a theme in this real estate mogul’s ventures.

Trump Ocean Tower, Panama

One of the more unusual and unique Trump offerings, the Trump Ocean Tower opened in Panama City in 2011. Resembling the shape of a sail, and not dissimilar to Dubai’s famous Burj Arab, the 70 storey hotel and apartment building boasts a beachfront location and is the first to notch up a five star rating in the country. Its Pacific Ocean vistas and second-to-none facilities are topped off with a rooftop infinity pool for some added indulgence while you’re whiling away some time in this infamous tax haven.

Trump Hotel, Las Vegas

For a city synonymous with audacious displays of wealth, Las Vegas seems a natural fit for Donald Trump. The hotel boasts over 1200 rooms. To ensure it stands out from the crowd of luxurious Vegas offerings, the exterior windows of the hotel are gilded with 24 carat gold, giving a shimmering glitter to the Sin City skyline. And if having your own hotel and a collection of towers named after you wasn’t enough, the hotel is home to DJT, an eponymous restaurant named in honour of the hotel’s exuberant owner.

Trump Tower, Mumbai

Despite not owning Mumbai’s Trump Tower, instead only acting as its licensee, Donald Trump’s name is nevertheless emblazoned across this 75 storey building housing 400 apartments. And as audacious as ever, the hotel’s gold façade is a clue as to what lies inside this sumptuous abode. And the most extreme form of indulgence for the building’s residents is that they have access to their very own plane.

Central Park Carousel, New York

For someone who has made their name buying and building towers and casinos, Central Park’s carousel seems like a change of pace for Mr. Trump. Renovated by the Trump Organization in 2010, Central Park’s Carousel is in fact an iconic feature of New York City’s biggest green space and has been operating on the same spot since 1871. The original carousel on the site was powered by an actual mule underneath the attraction in a hidden compartment. This newer version has been leased by Donald Trump until 2020 - when he may be approaching the end of his possible tenure living in Washington DC.

So whether or not Donald Trump manages to wangle his way into the White House this November and ‘Make America Great Again’, one thing is undeniable – Trump’s towers are plentiful and will be, together with their brash shininess, enjoyed by many for many years to come.

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