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Tips on how to progress your career in Facilities Management

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Above all else, moving into a facilities manager role requires a diverse skillset. A career in facilities management is one primarily (but not solely) focused on operations. The salary and responsibilities can vary depending on the specific area of facilities management. Backgrounds and specialities also vary widely, but senior level professionals in the industry can expect to earn a salary of £50,000 - £70,000 with heads of departments taking home salaries between £90,000 and £120,000. Here are a few key things every professional must know if they aim to progress in this career path:

  • Facilities managers are increasingly required to have a broad knowledge and a range of different skills. As the sector has become more demanding, an excellent FM should deliver high-class business continuity and workforce protection, overseeing any security threats. As facilities managers are employed in a vast variety of different sectors, it is vital that a candidate has an active interest and knowledge of their prospective employer’s field of work.

  • Facilities managers need to be able to see the potential in other employees and enhance the skills of people within their team, support services and manage tangible assets. Put simply, they must look to strengthen and drive forward their employer’s business, not just simply maintain it.

  • A technical knowledge of building services and the ability to problem solve is an absolute must for any facilities manager. 

  • Possessing a degree that incorporates a lot of problem-solving may be beneficial as it will improve your ability to make quick decisions and problem-solve. Degrees in the following subjects are highly preferable: building management; facilities management; hospitality; business studies; engineering and building services; engineering; construction; property.

  • Facilities management professionals could benefit from a BIFM qualification. They offer a range of recognised, accredited qualification to support your skills and career growth. They range from Entry Level (Level 2) to Strategic (Level 7) and are designed to support you through every stage of your FM career. Relevant experience is very important and there are many different options available.

  • The FM will work closely with the finance team to help balance the budget, so facilities managers need to have excellent numerical ability, and a flexible and practical approach to working with different teams and departments. In tandem with this, great FMs have great people skills and know how to mediate group conversations between different parties.

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