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​What do you do when you have passed your APC?

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Article posted by Anna Boiling

Congratulations on passing your RICS Assessment of Professional Competence! Your hard work and dedication have paid off and armed with your new MRICS status, you’re at an important crossroads in your career as a chartered surveyor.

Whether you have completed graduate rotations or completed your APC via the professional route, as a recently chartered surveyor you now have some important decisions to make which can set the direction of your career. So where do you start now you are a Member of RICS?

  1. Get clear on your goals and expectations. At this point in your career, you have the opportunity to choose which path you want to take whether it is a move into another agency or advisory firm or to take the leap client-side, into development management, investment management, asset management or analyst roles.

  2. Request a review with your current employer and explore the opportunities available to you. This could include a salary increase of £35,000 - £45,000+, promotion or development in your responsibilities and a clear path for your career.

  3. Explore the market, update your profile and build your network. Find a trusted guide who can open the right doors for you and help you identify the right opportunity for you.

So how do you know what path to take?

We’re proud of our experience and relationships built up over 20 years of specialist recruiting in the world of real estate and we’re here to guide you through this important point in your career. If you are a recently chartered surveyor looking for advice on what you can expect salary-wise, to understand the common career paths and latest opportunities, book a confidential 10-minute call with me here.

Article written by Anna Boiling, Executive Consultant - Real Estate.