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Our statement on the current situation in Ukraine

Ukraine Flag

Article posted by Marcus Davies Bateman on Mar 22, 2022

Dear customers, employees and visitors of our website,

We at Cobalt are also following the current developments in Ukraine with shock and great concern. What has been happening there leaves us stunned and our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people as they fight to protect their livelihood or leave to protect their lives.

As a group of companies with branches in three continents and with employees from countless countries around the world, we are committed to peace and democracy and therefore strongly condemn Russia's military attack on Ukraine.

As a company, in addition to our responsibility for our employees and candidates, we also recognise the responsibility we have for the society in which we want to live. We, therefore, check very carefully which companies and which shareholders we work for. It is important to us not to act under any circumstances for those clients who in turn support (directly or indirectly) a state that attacks its neighbours with unprecedented aggression and brings suffering, destruction and oppression.

We are aware that we may refrain from working with companies where shareholders and employees are not personally responsible for the war and who are not themselves active supporters of Putin's aggressive policies. However, we fully support the sanctions against Russian-based companies and will, therefore, for the time being, refrain from working with companies where we have justified doubts about the respective beneficial owners in the background.

We ask for your understanding and hope that the violence and human suffering will also end. 

The Board