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Comanos Responds to Growing Demand for Clean Energy in the UK's Real Assets Sector

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Article posted by Marcus Davies Bateman on Feb 08, 2024

Comanos Responds to Growing Demand for Clean Energy in the UK's Real Assets Sector

February 2024 – Comanos, a leading provider of specialised permanent and interim recruitment solutions in the renewable energy sector, has officially launched its services in the United Kingdom. The expansion comes in response to the escalating demand and mounting pressure on real assets to meet green energy targets.

With a mission to cater to the rising needs of clients transitioning into renewable energy, Comanos leverages the extensive experience and networks established by its parent company, Cobalt, over the past 23 years. Cobalt's unparalleled position in the built environment sector has allowed the organisation to witness first-hand the increasing significance of sustainability and the shift towards renewables across various roles, from town planning and construction to financial planning and management of real assets.

Comanos, building on Cobalt's European operations, will play a pivotal role in bridging the talent gap in the renewable energy sector. The company offers specialised recruitment services across a spectrum of roles, including M&A and corporate finance, project development, construction, asset management, and operations & maintenance.

"We are dedicated to connecting industry leaders with the best and brightest talent in solar, offshore and onshore wind, battery storage, and hydrogen energy sectors, ensuring the continued growth and innovation of renewable energy," said Comanos Managing Director, Kaveh Etemadi.

Comanos UK Director, Marcus Davies Bateman, added, "Building upon the success of Comanos in Germany, we are already excited to partner with a growing number of the leading investors, developers, and advisory firms in renewable energy in the UK. We are unique in our offering where we have a talent pool of candidates spanning both real assets and energy transition enabling us to provide unrivalled shortlists for our clients."

For further information on Comanos and its services, please contact UK Director Marcus Davies Bateman:

Email: mdb@comanos.co.uk

Phone number: +44 (0)748812918.

About The Cobalt Group

Comanos is a proud member of The Cobalt Group, an award-winning multi-brand recruitment business that provides specialised and expert recruitment services to multiple sectors within the professional Built Environment. Operating from 11 strategically located offices spanning Europe and North America, The Cobalt Group has maintained its position as a market leader for over two decades. Throughout this time, it has continuously demonstrated a track record of expertise across its core sectors while fostering collaborative and long-term partnerships with clients worldwide.