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Unlocking opportunities in Renewable Energy and Real Estate: Insights from UKREiiF 2024

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Article posted by Marcus Davies Bateman on Jun 25, 2024

UKREiiF (the UK Real Estate Investment and Infrastructure Forum) this year underscored the transformative potential of renewable energy, highlighting its importance for the planet and the professional opportunities available within it in the real estate sector.

Investment in renewable energy infrastructure is at an all-time high, creating a surge in job openings and career advancements. This sector is ideal for professionals eager to make a tangible impact on our environment while advancing their careers. Our Cobalt team’s round-up of the highlights from UKREiiF showcases the sectors that are seeing the greatest growth across real estate, with ESG at the heart of each of these developments, emphasising the sector's vast potential for creating sustainable jobs and advancing technological innovations.

Why the growth in Renewable Energy and Energy Transition

Recent government initiatives bolster this optimism. The UK government has announced over £1 billion for the sixth Contracts for Difference (CfD) allocation round, with £800 million directed towards offshore wind projects. This record investment aims to secure up to 50GW of offshore wind by 2030, supporting up to 480,000 jobs and solidifying the UK’s position as a global leader in renewable energy. Additionally, the Green Industries Growth Accelerator, with a funding boost to over £1 billion, will drive advanced manufacturing and support clean energy supply chains.

Looking ahead, the Labour Party has pledged to make the UK a clean energy superpower by creating Great British Energy, a publicly owned company. This initiative is part of Labour's Green Prosperity Plan, which aims to generate 100% clean power by 2030, save UK households £93 billion, and create 650,000 jobs. Labour also plans to invest in the National Wealth Fund to finance infrastructure supporting low-carbon projects, focusing on expanded ports and enhanced grid infrastructure.

Real Estate: A Sector Reimagined

So, how does this impact the real estate sector? It’s a sector undergoing a renaissance, with a strong emphasis on sustainability, smart technologies, and the adaptive reuse of existing structures. Key trends and opportunities we’re seeing across key areas within the real estate sector include:

  • Renewable Energy Development: Identifying and securing land from landowners for renewable energy projects such as wind and solar farms.

  • Sustainable Development: Increasing demand for eco-friendly building practices and materials.

  • PropTech Innovations: Growth in property technology solutions enhancing efficiency and user experience.

  • Urban Regeneration Projects: Focus on revitalising urban areas to create vibrant, sustainable communities.

  • Asset Management: Enhanced roles in managing diversified and sustainable property portfolios.

Why Renewables will matter in your Real Estate career

Attending UKREiiF reaffirmed the critical role recruitment companies like ours play in connecting top talent with emerging opportunities in these sectors. As you can see above, ‘renewables' are affecting so many different facets of the real estate sector, meaning increased opportunities for those from the following backgrounds in the transition:

  • Investment Managers: Diversified investment portfolios with energy transition exposure alongside traditional real estate.

  • Land Managers & Planners: Acquiring land for utility scale developments and obtaining planning consent.

  • Project & Development Managers: Leading large-scale renewable projects from conception to completion.

  • Environmental Engineers: Innovating solutions for cleaner energy production.

  • Energy Analysts: Evaluating and optimising energy efficiency and sustainability metrics.

  • Sustainability Consultants: Guiding organisations towards greener practices.

Talk to us to understand the market more and where your current role could potentially transition into as the renewables space experiences even further growth.

Why the growth in Renewables matters for your company

For energy companies, the insights from UKREiiF 2024 are particularly critical. With the aforementioned investment and ambitious government plans in the offing, the landscape is set for rapid expansion and innovation. This means:

  • Increased Opportunities for Investment: Significant government funding and private investment will drive growth in renewable energy projects, offering lucrative opportunities for companies to expand their portfolios.

  • Talent Acquisition and Development: As the demand for skilled professionals in renewable energy soars, companies need to attract and retain top talent. Our recruitment services can help you find the best candidates to lead and innovate in your projects.

  • Enhanced Energy Security and Sustainability: Investing in renewable energy not only aligns with global sustainability goals but also ensures long-term energy security and cost savings for your operations.

  • Real Estate Development: Finding suitable real estate for renewable energy projects involves engaging with landowners and navigating the complexities of land acquisition and grid connections, which are crucial for project success.

Those that identify and pursue these opportunities early will not only be at the forefront of the sector, but will also see a ‘first-move advantage’ when it comes to the recruitment of professionals in this space – being able to access the brightest talent, before it becomes a hyper-competitive space and salaries for the top talent continue to rise.

How Comanos can assist with Real Estate Renewables Recruitment

Comanos, part of The Cobalt Group, is uniquely positioned to assist your company in navigating this evolving landscape. Leveraging Cobalt’s 23 years of experience in real estate, Comanos can help through our:

  • Expert Recruitment Services: We specialise in connecting top talent with leading companies in renewable energy and real estate, ensuring you have the expertise needed to drive your projects forward.

  • Industry Insights and Guidance: Our deep industry knowledge and insights from forums like UKREiiF provide you with the latest trends and opportunities, helping you make informed strategic decisions.

  • Tailored Support: We offer personalised guidance and support, from the identification of roles through to job descriptions, sourcing, and interviewing of candidates, to ensure that you get the best talent for your organisation to help you achieve your goals.

Get in touch with me below, I’d be delighted to see how Comanos could assist.

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