Senior Finance Assistant

Tracy Trantaal

About me

​Marching into Recruitment

I'm a newbie to Recruitment, (GASP!) I Started at Cobalt in March 2023. I’ve got Accounts Payable experience in Advertising, Marketing & Media, Hospitality and and NPO. Learning about the recruitment industry has been interesting and stimulating to the brain cells.

Questioning and Crunching Numbers

I ask a lot of questions and I provide financial and admin support to Cobalt. I ensure all supplier invoices and payments are processed. I also assist with the contractor payroll process and NHS compliance.

Unraveling Expense Mysteries with Joy

Cobalt Recruitment is a breath of fresh air for me. I simply enjoy the work culture and get excited to solve some expense account mysteries.

Balancing Chaos and Bliss: Family, Beaches, and Toddler Adventures

Family time is the ultimate favourite. Beaching & picnicking is a must! Ice-cream is a staple food at home. I also enjoy hiking, swimming, yoga, reading, painting, attempts at baking and messing with sand and water (I have a toddler so this might all go down in one day!).

  • ​The best thing about working at Cobalt is the collaborative nature in the business and culture of sharing and teamwork. Not every role sits in one neat little box within my own industry sector, and it’s a good feeling to be able to count on colleague’s support and expertise when you need it most.

    Chris Sycamore - Associate Director
  • ​I love that you can go into any Cobalt office anywhere in the globe and know it's a Cobalt office, not by the branding or the set up, but by the approach of the people to doing their job, the fact that you are greeted like a (welcome!) family member and a genuine desire to learn and develop.

    Sara Burton - Global Operations Director
  • ​Cobalt brings together industry professionals and recruitment experts, there is something to be said about bouncing your ideas off someone with decades of experience. We are like a big family who support and encourage each other when needed and celebrate each other's successes.

    Simon Jobson - Director
  • ​The ability to become a specialist in your space is something the business fully supports you with and the fact that you get to collaborate with some truly great people along the way is a bonus!

    Maria Sinclair - Director

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