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Interim Market Update

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Article posted by Steve Clarke

​A common question we get in recruitment is ‘how is the market’. It’s often something we want to be positive about because we inherently want to be positive about what’s out there in the service we’re providing. But the truth generally is that in comparison to other months, quarters or years the recruitment market mirrors sentiment or performance of either the wider economy or a specific sector.

Put simply, more hiring happens when a business is either doing well or confident better times are ahead.

Interim can work slightly differently. Whilst using interims can be seen as a tough expense to swallow in tough times, they can also provide expertise or prop up busy teams without the longer-term commitment.

Therefore our focus is making sure we’re as cost-effective as we can be to help with the expense, whilst making sure we have the right experts and skilled individuals to help support businesses and busy teams.

Below is a brief update from some of our Interim consultants to give an idea of what we’re seeing in our interim markets;

Finance – Sophie Allison;

What a year 2020 has been so far, and we thought we were heading into a brighter economy leaving the word Brexit behind. However, as with everything there have been positives through this Pandemic.

Finance did bury down the hatchet at the start of COVID, but soon came a steady flow of roles on the interim and contract positions throughout the last 6 months.

We are finding that through uncertain times bringing in candidates on an interim and contract basis is a less risky option for our clients and has been a great relief during such a difficult, but hectic time. Businesses are getting more confident as the months go on and we have all adapted now to this new way of working.

Funding has still remained in London for large and small developments which have been given the green light to continue their construction, and from this, we are seeing our clients open their doors again to see where their needs are and will be for the next 6 months.

With current technology, we have successfully supported onboarding candidates virtually, and now we are finding both more clients and candidates are able to meet online as it is proving easier to fit around busy diaries.

NHS Estates and Facilities – Connor Humpage;

If you are a leader within Estates Management, Facilities Management or Project Management within the Healthcare and Higher Education sectors, we want to speak to you.

Particularly in the Covid-19 environment, the government has given increased funding to the Public sector to improve estate infrastructure and manage the estate to a high level. We are working with clients nationwide who are seeking professionals to do just that and are seeing a rise in recruitment following this commitment.

NHS Trusts, in particular, are showing signs of an increase in their capital programmes and require experienced candidates to deliver a variety of schemes across their estate.

The hiring process may take a little longer in the current climate but our clients are still committed to obtaining the best professionals to meet their requirements.

Construction – Harry Forsyth;

Interim within the Construction market is improving dramatically. We are seeing sites across the South East get close to full capacity now and more qualified professionals happy to travel to work. Lots of businesses are becoming more understanding with management working from home and are actually seeing an improvement in work output.

With CIS being pushed back until next April in the Private sector this has also been a positive for the interim job market. Clients that were more interested in hiring permanent employees are now happy to look at a contract member of staff to fill a short term hole.

Many of our best clients are tendering successfully for major works throughout London and the southeast and continue to build on strong order books for 2021. This will definitely have a positive effect on recruitment needs for the next 6 months especially. We are already seeing pre-con hires speeding up dramatically!

We’re here if you need help defining a role or brief, specialist insight to help shape your ideas or expert help with your recruitment process. Just get in touch to arrange a conversation with one of the team or if you’re ready for us to find the perfect person for you, send us your brief.

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